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Boost sales with specialized strategies and tactics

Unlock higher Shopify sales with exclusive tips and proven techniques. Discover how to attract customers, keep them returning and make more money effortlessly.

View Buying History

Review visitors shopping history in the chat window. Check previous purchases and order dates to identify new, returning or VIP customers. Stay ready to answer their questions.

Shopping Carts

Monitor your customers live shopping carts, suggest related items, respond quickly to purchase inquiries and offer discounts, preventing cart abandonment and boosting sales.

Support Self Help

Enable customers to check product availability, track orders and calculate shipping costs in real-time, freeing agents for complex tasks. Use chatbots for delivery info and returns.

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Use interactive cards to promote Shopify products and accelerate sales.

Bill Matrix



Hello! What service do you need?

Graphic Design

Hello! What service do you need?

Website Design

Which type of website do you want?


Any preferred colors?

Green and brown, maybe.

Great! Website Design will be ready in two weeks.

Any questions?

No, thanks!

E-commerce Tips for Faster Sales Growth

Experience a dramatic increase in your revenue by implementing our expertly crafted sales strategies, including irresistible discounts, hot deals alerts and tailored product recommendations.

Exceptional Customer Support

Our dedicated team is committed to your success. We're here to assist you with account setup, navigate the visual chatbot builder and offer valuable suggestions to boost your business growth.

Enhanced Engagement Strategies

Leverage the power of our advanced AI technology to transform your platform, achieving deeper customer insights and more dynamic engagement.

AI Enhancement

AI capabilities, enhancing your platforms functionality for better customer understanding.

Intuitive Design

Our system is designed for simplicity, making it accessible to users of all technical levels.

Continuous Support

We provide 24/7 assistance to help you optimize your integration for the best results.

Efficient Widget

Seamlessly integrating, the lightweight widget ensures a smooth, efficient experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Real-time updates on chatbot performance, uptime and maintenance. Real-time updates on chatbot performance, uptime and maintenance.Real-time updates on chatbot performance, uptime.

What is a Bill Matrix on Shopify?

A Bill Matrix on Shopify is an AI-powered tool that can engage with customers, answer their questions and provide assistance through chat messages. It's designed to enhance the customer experience and streamline communication.

How does a Bill Matrix benefit my Shopify store?

Is it easy to set up a Chatbot on my Shopify store?

What tasks can a Bill Matrix’s chatbot on Shopify handle?

How can I measure the effectiveness of my chatbot on Shopify?

Can I use a chatbot on Shopify for marketing and sales campaigns?