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We use data, improve it with AI and you have control. Participate in beta experiments to see firsthand how Bill Matrix can enhance your business operations.

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Use advanced AI for better, reliable, and effective support

Discover your personalized AI assistant. Analyzes your sources for precise answers, generates information and operates with your data for controlled responses.


Optimize for Success

Boost your bot's capabilities to achieve a broader range of business objectives. Define its areas of expertise and equip it with skills and specialized tasks that allow your chatbot to excel in roles such as increasing newsletter subscriptions and gathering crucial customer feedback.


Simply Copy and Paste!

Easily tailor your bot's appearance and integrate it smoothly into your website. Linking Bill Matrix with other services is simple, and choose from our wide range of integrations for a seamless experience. Enhance your online presence with our user-friendly and efficient solution.


Human Assistance Association

Empower your intelligent bot to excel. Based on available information, it seamlessly transitions to human assistance when needed. It initiates calls, connects you with real people, and swiftly generates support requests within the chat, ensuring a top-notch experience.


Select Learning Material

Unlock your AI bot's potential and seamlessly connect it to your preferred data source. Bill Matrix simplifies data analysis, whether it's your website, KnowledgeBase articles or any other reference. Harness AI's power as it learns from your data, providing precise user answers.

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Real-Time Updates on Bill Matrix’s bot Performance, Uptime, and Maintenance

Can I test Bill Matrix for free now?

Yes, you can! We offer a 7-day free trial period to explore Bill Matrix and its features.

Can I update my AI bot once it's generated?

What is the Bill Matrix?

What does it mean I can control my AI chatbot?

Does Bill Matrix provide customer support and assistance during the setup process?

How often are the real-time updates refreshed?

How does Bill Matrix ensure the uptime of my chatbot?