Boost sales using the Messenger channel

Transform your Messenger interactions into powerful customer service tools and accelerate your sales journey effortlessly.

Your Sales Acceleration Secret

Smoothly connect with potential customers on Messenger automatically, without the need for any manual involvement or intervention.

Supercharge Sales Boosters

Streamline product recommendations in Messenger. Empower chatbots to gather contact info efficiently and strategically tailor future deals based on insightful customer behavior analysis.

Automated Messenger Solutions

Efficiently handle shipping inquiries and order updates. Recommend alternatives for out-of-stock items or services and seamlessly gather valuable customer feedback using carousel surveys.

Unified Chat Management

Connect your account to a platform for seamless message management across Messenger, email and Shopify. Quickly transfer chats and reply from any device with user-friendly apps.

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Enhance Sales

Expand your sales avenues by incorporating an additional channel into your sales funnel to drive higher conversion rates.

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Hello! What service do you need?

Graphic Design

Hello! What service do you need?

Website Design

Which type of website do you want?


Any preferred colors?

Green and brown, maybe.

Great! Website Design will be ready in two weeks.

Any questions?

No, thanks!

Customized Conversations

Experience personalized interaction with Bill Matrix's Chatbot on Messenger. It smartly recalls details like your photo, name and link, enhancing chats and enriching your database for future use.

Personalized Greetings

Greet new visitors with a personalized greeting designed for first-time interactions with your chatbot, creating a memorable first impression and fostering a friendly conversation atmosphere from the start.

Quick Messenger Chatbot Setup

Get your Messenger chatbot up and running in just a few minutes. Tailor the story to fit your requirements with ease.

Customer Availability

Start offering uninterrupted, continuous, 24/7 customer service support today.

Generating Leads

Gather visitor information with innovative methods for finding potential customers.

Webshop AI

Efficiently complete the purchase process within a user friendly chat window.

Hiring Assistant

Use a bot's assistance to make the hiring process faster and more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Real-time updates on chatbot performance, uptime and maintenance. Real-time updates on chatbot performance, uptime and maintenance.Real-time updates on chatbot performance, uptime.

Can the Messenger Chatbot be used for e-commerce transactions?

Yes, Bill Matrix's messenger chatbot is equipped to facilitate e-commerce transactions. It can assist customers in making purchases, providing product details, processing payments and offering order updates, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Why do I need Facebook Messenger integration?

What is a Facebook Messenger bot?

What can a Facebook Messenger bot do for me?

How does the Messenger chatbot handle customer data and privacy?